About the Hive

A photo of Pat Cannon
Hive Networking for me has become such a large group over time, that I must call it a success story. 

It all started as just a friendly catch-up between friends, who had all been networking before. We would meet once a month in a coffee shop in Rugeley and have a natter over coffee and cake. (Sometimes we may have had the odd milkshake or ice-cream,  just to change things a little.) People started to notice our gatherings and became aware of us bringing items from our businesses. Especially the clever gadgets and eco promotional items, from Jessica Davanzo. Such a fantastic ice breaker with people we meet at the venues. We would share cards and have a look at what each other were doing, as people from around the area started to join us. Before long we had a group of people that would meet regularly and others that came whenever they could, with new friends and old joining us along the way. 

It was mentioned one day when we met, that our little meetings had grown to something like a large colony. Almost like a bee hive, with people coming and going and all pinned down with a nice cup off coffee and the fantastic cakes we had been sampling!  
It was at this point, we realised that this was more than a couple of catch ups with business owners, who had become good friends. It had grown into, a totally organic movement, with ideas flowing about how we as a collective, could network in the community and bring other benefits in, but without all of the stuffy, overbearing rules that some business groups have. 

Soon we had introduced Hive coasters, (leaflets or flyers which looked more like a honeycomb) designed by our very own Graphic Designer…Sean Bird. 
Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social networks were added along with this website too!
At the meetings, we have devised more ways in which to include business and the local community.  
We have a dedicated charity and aim going forward, to always support the Air Ambulance for it’s great work. 
This has led us to plan a charity walk for rhe spring of 2020.
 Not stopping there, plenty of ways for business people to foster relationships, get out of the home or office and meet others for…team building days, dog walking activities, quiz nights, sustainability meetings and programmes, spotlight workshops on individual businesses and skills,  seed bombs for businesses to save the bees and an ongoing collection of essential items for the homeless.  

I might add this is just the start and although we had initially been just meeting for once a month, after going for over a year now, we have meetings both in the daytime and evenings. 
We have championed a few local businesses.   Using local coffee shops and restaurants for our meetings, spreading the word for colleagues,  other organisations and charities but not forgetting our own Hive Athlete, Natalie Hurdley in her sporting achievements. 
We have always maintained a friendly relaxed atmosphere.  Our meetings have always been open and free to join. No memberships, contracts or duty to turn up. No dress code or requirement to buy anything. 

We feel this has worked so well for us, that people have commented on how friendly and welcoming the meetings are and that nervous guests have not been forgotten and really looked after. 
Going forward we look to hold many more meetings and explore new ways in which to network. 
It’s really about people, and people do business with people.  
We would really love you to come and join us at one of our local daytime or evening meets. You will be glad you came, as we promise a relaxed, informative time with a huge variety of people and businesses there. 
Also get in touch, if you require any assistance either getting to, or at our venue.  We welcome everyone. – Pat Cannon

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