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Us good people at the Hive, have been “busy” working on some great new things, to make the world around us a much better place. Looking at sustainability, the joy of using things twice to get the most out of them, or getting something made which has come from a natural source… those things really get us “buzzing.” We had an idea, that when you look at the space around offices and buildings…the areas of land around our homes… and the places we walk past every day that just cry out for a bit of love. What if,  (as a collective group) we could all add a bit of colour to those drab, boring spots of land? What if we could spice things up, with a scent of fresh flowers in the air? Wouldn’t that be a great thing, to brighten up your day, on the way to work, the office or the shops?
Well now we can all do our bit! 

Introducing.. The Hive “Bee Bombs”
Yes, they are here, our own specially prepared sachets of Bee friendly seeds. Ready to sprinkle anywhere you like, free of charge to all Hive attendees!Grab your Hive “Bee Bomb” at any of our daytime or evening meetings.Find a spot somewhere, sprinkle the contents and then let nature do its thing.Each pack has a selection of wild, native, annual and perennial seeds which should germinate and grow into colourful Bird, Insect and especially Bee friendly plants.Lets get Busy!

Photo by Jeanne Blanche on Unsplash

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