Health Benefits of Stepping Away from Your Computer and Breaks from Work


Everyone feels the pressure of work and the tasks that are due, but even when there are many tasks to complete it is necessary to step away from your computer and to take a break from work throughout the day. This time away allows for the body and the mind to rest, to regain focus, and reduce stress. 

Physical Benefits

When working at a computer for extended periods of time there is strain on both the body and the mind. It affects the muscles in the back, shoulders, neck, arms, and hands through the posture needed and the angles at which the wrists must sit to type effectively. This increased strain can lead to sore muscles, spasms, and any incorrect posture can lead to both pain and misalignment of the spine. Taking frequent breaks will allow the muscles to move and adjust their position. The movement and freedom from remaining in one position will decrease the strain on them and reduce pain as well as long term problems.

Sitting also creates concerns for the legs, as they are immobile for hours and do not get the required movements to stay healthy and comfortable. By taking breaks throughout the day and walking around the office you can help the entire body. 

Eyes are also susceptible to strain when using a computer, and other screens, for an extended period of time. Using a protective screen cover or glasses can help to reduce the effects on the eyes, but headaches and diminished eyesight can still occur. It is important to take a break from looking at a computer to allow the eyes to rest and recover from the strain of working on the computer. 

Mental Health Benefits

When using a computer all day there are also mental effects from the lights and the constant push to do more. Remaining focused on work for hours without break also increases the stress responses and symptoms within the body. Maintaining a focus on work consumes a lot of energy and will not only boost stress and worry but will drain the body of energy for other tasks. Taking breaks and walking away from the computer while focusing on something other than work, even socializing or taking a walk for different scenery, can reduce stress. It is often found that when facing a problem or task that seems unsolvable the answer will occur during moments of rest or relaxation. Focusing on something else or taking time to just can bring new ideas and boost creativity. These effects are not only in the moment but can extend throughout the day increasing productivity while reducing stress.

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